Inlet Power Port

Compatible with

Aquafire Series*:
AWA2-20-50 / AWA2-40-100 / AWA2-60-150
AWA-20-50 / AWA-40-100 / AWA-60-150

Aquafire Pro Series*:
AWPR2-20-50 / AWPR2-40-100 / AWPR2-60-150
AWPR-20-50 / AWPR-40-100 / AWPR-60-150

Aquafire Lite Series*:
AWO-16-42 / AWO-16-42-GAT

*Provide what model you have (Aquafire or Aquafire Pro) and size insert you have - 20", 40" or 60" - so that we may provide the appropriate size fuse

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