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-Natural Orange Flame
-Three Insert Sizes

Aquafire Pro

-Multi-Colored Flame
-Three Insert Sizes

Aquafire Lite

-Natural Orange Flame
-One Size

Aquafire Gatsby

-Natural Orange Flame
-One Size

Why use water vapor fireplaces?

Fill manually or connect a water line. Tap water is all you need to get started

No gas lines, no ethanol, no venting - cool to touch and safe to operate

Control power, flame size and color with the provided remote control or smart phone app

Drop-in fireplace insert makes it an easy install with any hearth design


Which water vapor fireplace is right for your project?

Not sure which one to choose? Compare our units and choose the best model for your needs.

Aquafire Sale priceFrom $2,995.00 USD
Aquafire Pro
Aquafire Pro Sale priceFrom $3,995.00 USD
Aquafire Sale priceFrom $2,995.00 USD
Aquafire Pro
Aquafire Pro Sale priceFrom $3,995.00 USD
Flame color

Natural Orange LED

30+ LED Colors


20in, 40in, and 60in

20in, 40in, and 60in


20 hours (free standing)

20 hours (free standing)

Remote control



Direct plumb kit



Automatic fill

Automatic drain


Eco-Friendly Water Vapor Flames


Harmful Flames, Fumes, and Gases

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Aquafire Help Center

Our help center is the best resource to learn how to best fit Aquafire into your next project with our detailed installation guides, maintenance help, and other helpful tips and tricks.

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What's under the hood?

Model shown: Aquafire Pro 40"




About water vapor fireplace inserts

Constructed in robust metal and featuring a matte scratch- and rust-resistant finish, its water-powered design gives the freedom and flexibility to install it anywhere.

No dangerous flame

Our water vapor flames are cool to the touch and flame-free allowing you to create a safe environment with all the ambiance benefits of a real flame fireplace.

Continuous Flame

Gang units together to create and endless flame, and up to 40 ft of continuous flame on a single control unit.

Endless customization

Adjust Aquafire's color, length, flame height, and speed with just the touch of a button.

water vapor electric fireplaces are poised to redefine how we experience our homes.
Water vapor fireplaces create a mesmerizing ambiance and an experience that's second to none.
A groundbreaking fireplace innovation is revolutionizing RV living with its state-of-the-art fireplace concept designed to enhance comfort and luxury on the road.
With their clean lines and minimalist design, they add a touch of refinement to any space.
Aquafire stands as a pioneering force in modern fireplace technology.
Beyond aesthetics, they champion safety and environmental consciousness by emitting no pollutants and posing no fire hazards, making them ideal for building.

Aquafire In The Wild

Embr Lounge

To create an even more dynamic experience for their customers, they decided to install 20 of our Aquafire water vapor inserts throughout their entire bar area including the actual bar top itself!

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Aquafire In The Wild

Roam Coworking

We love exploring the various ways in which our Aquafire water vapor fireplaces are being used to enhance different types of spaces. Today, we're excited to share the story of Roam, a coworking sp...

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Aquafire In The Wild


Toyota of Greensboro recognized using wator vapor fireplaces to create a welcoming and comfortable waiting area for customers was essential to enhancing their overall car-buying experience.

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