Service Policy

Updated 01.04.2023


Congratulations on your purchase of the most advanced Water Vapor Fireplaces available today. You can expect problem free performance by following our simple care and maintenance procedures that will maximize longevity of the equipment.

In the rare event you experience a problem with the operation of your unit please contact our customer experience specialist to schedule an appointment with one of our trained and experienced service technicians. While we are not able to provide any on-site repairs, we will (during warranty period) provide you access free of charge to our experienced Service Technicians who are able to diagnose, provide you necessary warranty parts, then during a FaceTime call guide you through necessary repairs. You will be required to make the physical repairs with the guidance of our technician in real time. Aquafire® Fireplaces are designed to be ‘plug and play’ - almost every part is easily accessible and with the guidance of our technician can be readily replaced or repaired by any lay person - no special skills are required. While many problems are resolved in the first call, if your unit requires replacement parts, it may take 2-3 calls to properly diagnose and complete the repair. We do our best to minimize the time required, but in rare cases this process might take additional sessions.

If after a reasonable attempt to repair the unit with your cooperation, our Technician may determine the problem cannot be resolved in the field - this is rare. In this case, if your unit is still under warranty, your Customer Experience Specialist will work with you to arrange a replacement unit and the return of your defective unit. Please carefully read the replacement policy below for units under warranty which have been deemed by our Technician not repairable in the field:

Replacement Policy:

If your unit is under warranty and a service technician has advised you that a replacement is necessary, please follow the instructions below. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We try to make this as simple and expedient as possible for you.

1. If you have the original packing materials and crate follow these instructions:

  • • You will need to drain all water you have placed in the unit completely.
  • • Repack the unit into the interior carton using the original packing materials and crate.
  • • Be sure to include all accessories and manuals (charging block, remote, drain tubing, etc)
  • • Take photos of the interior of the packed carton and then the sealed carton and email these to us
  • • Once received we will arrange pick up of your unit
  • • Once the unit is received at our warehouse and inspected, we will send out your replacement unit.
  • • A service tech will give you a courtesy call on your receipt to ensure your unit is properly set up and working.

2. If you DO NOT have the original packing materials and crate follow these instructions: 

  • • We will require a 25% deposit on the replacement unit which will be refunded upon receipt and inspection at our warehouse of your original unit.
  • • Once deposit is received, we will ship your replacement unit to you.
  • • Upon receipt of the replacement unit, you can remove the unit and its accessories from the crate and replace with your original unit and accessories being returned.
  • • Be sure to drain all water you have placed in the unit completely prior to packing.
  • • Take photos of the interior of the crate prior to closing, then of the sealed crate ready for shipment
  • • Upon receipt of your photos your Customer Experience Specialist will arrange pick up of your original unit.
  • • Upon our receipt and inspection of your original unit at our warehouse we will issue a refund within 10 business days

You can download the PDF to share with the homeowner and/or whomever will be caring for the fireplace insert long term. 

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