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Jessi Malay’s Miami Manor

Jessi Malay’s Miami Manor

Turn Up the Ambiance, Not the Thermostat: Jessi Malay’s Secret to Enjoying Fireplaces Year-Round in Miami

Client: Jessi Malay

Location: Miami, FL

Project: Two 40” Aquafire Pro Inserts | Modern Living Room | New Home Build

The Goal:

When Jessi moved from LA to Miami with her husband and kids, she was looking for a way to add cozy fireplace ambiance to her newly built family home, with a couple of caveats: she didn’t want to add to the Miami humidity and heat, and it needed to be safe for their three young daughters to be around

The Finished Product

Jessi chose to install two 40” Aquafire Pro water vapor fireplaces, ganged together for a larger (80”) fire feature under their custom marble enclosure. Aquafire's innovative technology utilizes tap water to create low-humidity mist to act as the “flames” then uses LED lights to create a realistic 3D fire effect. 

Thanks to this, Jessi and her family are able to enjoy the cozy ambiance of a real fire without bringing the Miami heat and humidity indoors. They are also able to rest easy knowing that their three young daughters aren’t in danger of burns or fumes (and really get a kick out of the variety of 30+ flame colors the Aquafire Pro can create!).


The design of their fireplace truly highlights the custom marble enclosure & decorative ceramic spheres (which act as the centerpiece of their living room) and with remote activation and direct plumbing, their Aquafire inserts make for a truly hassle-free fireplace experience.

The Results

  • Kid-friendly cool-to-touch flames
  • Ambiance that doesn’t add heat or humidity
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Visually stunning, highlighting grand home features & decor


Overall Satisfaction:

“It produces no heat, no fumes, runs on tap water, and is completely safe for kids and even changes colors. We added these black ceramic fireplace spheres to elevate the look even further, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!” — Jessi Malay

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