Chase Sapphire Lounge at LGA

Chase Sapphire Lounge at LGA

Client: Chase Sapphire Reserve® & LaGuardia Airport

Location: Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport | Queens, NY

Project: Airport Lounge Fireplace

The Goal:

One of the many advantages that comes with being a Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardmember is the ability to access elevated Sapphire Lounge. In these lounges, you can relax in a sophisticated ambience in between flights or while awaiting initial take-off…but open flame is usually a no-go when it comes to airports. That’s why Chase opted for an Aquafire water vapor fireplace – because nothing says “sophisticated ambience” like a cozy fire while you wait for a flight.

The Finished Product:

Chase chose to install two 40” Aquafire Pro inserts in their brand new LaGuardia Airport lounge. Aquafire's innovative technology utilizes water mist and LED lights to create realistic 3D flames, offering all the visual appeal of a traditional fireplace without the smoke, mess, or safety concerns – ideal for highly regulated high traffic environments like airports.

The Results:

  • Enhanced Luxury Ambiance: Creates a calming and visually appealing atmosphere in the lounge, replicating the flickering flames of a fireplace without the heat.
  • Improved Air Quality: No smoke or harmful emissions, keeping the air fresh and comfortable for passengers with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.
  • Safety First: Eliminates the risk of accidental burns or fire outbreaks, ideal for a high-traffic environment like an airport lounge.
Reduced Maintenance: No need for constant monitoring of a real fire, or the mess of ashes and soot.

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